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I think this is what you need Empty I think this is what you need

Post  HogeBoke on Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:27 pm

Hello. Actually Quadratic, as a member I would thought you might have seen the "DVD-R Media Forum" - It might have been better there - the only thing they talk about is media - BUT it's only a guess, and I've been wrong before -Quote:So far only been paying about $17.00 for 100 countYou get what you pay for Newbie - we're supposed to help pple here not have them buy crap that is good for only thing, Coasters either now OR in 8 months - We all know that data, music and video backups on CD's and DVD's will last forever, well, if not forever for at least 100 yrs or so - That's what we've read and I believed and that's why we backup our treasures to disc, so that they'll be safe. "BLAaaaT" (the bone chilling sound of an emergency air horn), Wrong, Dead Wrong ! Don't throw the originals away, you may very well need them. Your video camera tapes and family picture CD's and DVD's, may not be there the next time you want to look at them. "Point of fact," inferior discs have a tendency to "Break down]" in time. In a very short time, we're talking disc can breakdown in less than a single year, in as little as 6 to 8 months. This article was written about CD discs but DVD discs are exactly the same. I was miss-informed and this opened my eyes. Perhaps you'll find it as important as I did. Might I suggest that you look in the Newbie's Forum where quality media is mentioned about 100 times -DogBomb already gave you a good lead - a wise person would listen to experience -PeteHappy New Year all -

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